Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy belated Mother's Day to all you wonderful mothers out there! I had a very nice day with my mom yesterday, even though we didn't do much. Just a few errands, played some games (I FINALLY beat her at one game of solitare!--even though she beat me at one now we have to play a tiebreaker later in the week. Haha.

I thought that I would share some photos with you since my mom was very excited about her new shirt that she got--and the flowers that she planted/hung

I also had to go into work last night at a very popular store that sells soap, lotion and cangles...can you believe it?! They make mom's work on Mother's Day..(even though I am not a mom, many other mother's were working) :-(
And get this..the store wasn't even open! We just changed some stuff around the store because the theme was changing. Oh well.

I completely forgot to take some photos of the gifts that I made my mom, but she said that she is going to take some tonight and send them to me, so when I get them I will add them here for you all to see! :-)

Have a wonderfully wonderful day!!!

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Blog Obsessed!

So I technically started this blog two days ago-I think-and I have changed everything up on here about 12 trillion times. I think that I am finally happy with the design that I have (it will probably change again tomorrow..haha). I just can't help it, I have become obsessed with EVERYTHING blog related. I have visited and followed a TON of people today. There are so many creative people out there with such great ideas, it makes me really excited to see that and get wonderful ideas from everyone (and don't worry..if I use your idea in some way it will be credited--no stealing ideas here :-) )

Ok..that's it.
Have a wonderful day! :-)
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Wall Fabric

Heyyyy! Last night I finally was able to add some color to my extremely dull living room walls (since we aren't allowed to paint--ugh!!). I did a quick google image search and found this by Bella Dia and was INSTANTLY inspired.

I followed her directions for the most part, but instead of the putty that she used to attach it to the wall, I used glue dashes. I also used my trusty hot glue gun instead of the double sided tape to attach the fabric to the foam core.

Here is the final product. Sorry for the blurry picture--my battery died in my digital camera and I had to use my iPhone.

I think that I am going to add more on either side to balance the wall out--and some more squares too, instead of all rectangles--just need to buy some more fabric (just another excuse to go to Hobby Lobby) haha. The one thing that I love about this is that I can continue to add to it or move them around if I get bored. There's no right or wrong way to arrange them :-)

Thanks for stopping by!

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Super Easy Table Runner!

My longtime boyfriend and I just recently moved into a townhouse (out of our teensy apartment) and I am going crazy with trying to figure out new and creative ways to decorate (we can't paint the walls since we are renting---which I CAN'T STAND!--I love having color on the walls).

The first room I thought I would tackle was the kitchen. I decided to do a coffee theme (I'll post pictures after it's done) but I needed a little something extra for our dining room table so I decided to make a table runner that went with the color scheme.

I went to Hobby Lobby about a month ago and stocked up on a bunch of fabric-not knowing what I was going to use it for--I just LOVE fabric..haha--but in this case I ended using some of it.

For this project I only used half a yard of fabric (I only bought a yard of this..which I really regret! I wanted to make curtains from this..oh well) and my trusty glue gun (I HATE sewing).

After cutting the fabric to the size that I wanted I glued down the frayed edges and...

 Voila!! Super cheap and easy table runner! :-)

Now I'm  just looking for something to add to the large wall behind the table (we have to keep it pushed against the wall until guests come or else we would be squeezing through the chairs--no thank you!) Let me know if you have any ideas. I know it's hard to see it (will post later).

Also, I made those little grass holders after looking at someone's blog a while ago and I can't find it or remember the name--so if anyone knows who made them I will gladly link the tutorial. Here's a close up of them:

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Design Not Showing Up?

I was just told by someone on a PC that they can't see anything on my home page--I did make everything on a Mac, not sure if that makes a difference. Here is what is supposed to look like:
Just wondering if anyone else was having trouble seeing anything. Thanks!

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First Blog Post Ever!

Hi everyone! This is my first ever blog post and I am soo excited that I have started doing this! I love creating different things, both by hand and on the computer and now I can share that with everyone else! I have already made numerous different crafts (that I didn't take photos of while I was making them--sorry)--but I will still post those photos later.

I know that my page is super lame right now, but I am just getting started and will get the hang of everything pretty soon. Thanks for those who have stopped by to check it out!

If anyone has any tips or ideas that you think would be helpful with starting a blog/crafting/or just about life in general please feel free to comment :-)

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